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Cyclone 1 might be NRND, but removing support from the tools is just crazy. Have they never heard of maintenance?

Subscription edition still has support for it, so no problem for paying customers :P


If I'm not wrong the full version still have the Cyclone 1, it was only removed from the free version, just because Altera don't want people using it in new projects and nothing better than removing it from the free version, the version that people starting with Altera will download and use first  ;) It's just a way to manipulate people for only using the parts that they want  ::)


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Yeah, but why not just leave the support files there and simply no longer maintain it?


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Maybe they made some changes to theSW that required changes to the device-specific files & couldn't be bothered to do it.
Or, possibly more likely, they didn't think it worth the time to do any testing of the new software with older devices.

Same problem here. I have a design with two Cyclone I's I did when they were spanking new (I still have a devboard with an engineering sample on it 8)) and I can't do any maintenance on it with newer releases of Quartus. And the marketing blabla of the Cyclone I on the site does mention it's supported in the Free Edition.

Oh well, just use an older release, but you don't have the advantages of possible bugfixes and/or other improvements, if any.


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