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I managed to get this usb blaster for altera:


They say it works 100%  with the Altera-USB blaster drivers. I have found that this is not the case ,
the divers are not compatible. I have tried all versions of the software to get it to work with out any look. And followed all instuctions.

Anyone know of an alternative Altera Blaster  that does what it says on the tin?

You paid 106 pounds for a fake when the real thing costs 250 pounds? I can,t understand that, if the fake one was 25 pounds yeah sure you could try it but now you could better have bought the real deal perhaps second hand.

Geez, people are making clones from plans on the web for a couple of bucks...

Crikey! You paid 106 quid for that? I'm dreadfully sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but you've been had. Well and truly. 10 rubles says that it's a clone based around a Cypress device, just like the one that I got for 6 bucks about a year ago. As far as drivers go, I can't really comment, but I do know that mine worked with urjtag with the byte blaster driver to talk to a PocketPC.

That aside, I agree with the rest of the people in here. If you're just getting into this, get decent kit. It'll make things a hell of a lot easier and cheaper later.

You could try getting your money back from the seller, and Paypal might reimburse you if not. If you do, get proper kit next time ;)

Afaik the real blaster & clones need to have an Altera CPLD inside

Correct looking clone

Looks original (i think)

Other "maybe correct clones w. cpld inside"

Something looks fishy with the two below , both are zr-tech rev-c , but not the same pcb

This one doesn't have the cpld visible , but it could be on the other side
Or it's a Cypress MCu with a driver chip (Bad model)

This one has the cpld visible

Might be ok also

I'd buy this one if a clone is wished  (if the picts are to be trusted)

Else go for the real stuff.


Ohh btw ... What have those UK sellers been smoking ????

Hmm same seller 2 prices ....

Seems there are the "real clone"

And even the (i think) "fake real clone"


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