Author Topic: Has somebody tried TCL scripts with "Gowin EDA" (Gowin FPGA Designer)  (Read 2722 times)

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Hello Forum,

I would like to ask if someone tried TCL scripts with "Gowin EDA" (Gowin software for FPGA designing). Gowin documentation says that Gowin software supports TCL commands (see paragraph 8  ):

I am wondering if someone tried to use TCL scripts with "Gowin EDA" projects? Especially I am interested in using TCL scripts from Vivado - I would like to ask if someone tried to adapt Vivado scripts to "Gowin EDA" software?
I tried today TCL in version 1.9.9Beta6 (under Linux OS) and TCL generally is not working, I tried TCL both from "TCL console" (command gw_sh) and in TCL console in "Gowin EDA" (GUI). Even such basic TCL commends as "create_project" or "add_files" are not working.

Maybe somebody has different expierience with TCL in "Gowin EDA" and can share it.

Best Regards

Thanks in advance and regards
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