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Alternative programmers for Microchip/Atmel ATF1500 series CPLDs?


Are there alternatives to the USD230 Microchip programmer for the ATF1500 series CPLDs? I have an ATMEL-ICE, and I've seen at least one post where someone programs an ATF1504 using OpenOCD. The ATMEL-ICE seems to only be for Cortex-M devices, though. I also have another OpenOCD device (whose name escapes me right now!) that I've successfully programmed Feather Cortext-M devices with.

Does anyone have any other experience or recommendations for this? TIA!


ATDH1150USB is a JTAG programming cable for Microchip ATF1502, ATF1504 and ATF1508 series CPLD devices.

70$ usd, cant go wrong with this one,   used it a lot  for ATF1504

they come with microchip software on their page

I use Altera Byte Blaster 2 (made it myself) - it's officially supported. Because I have a computer with LPT port.


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