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Bare metal dual core applications on the Zynq


Hi all,

I'm about to start quite an ambitious project on the Zynq platform using a bare metal application as the complexity of Linux is nowhere near needed and I want (almost) instant on operation.

This got me thinking about that second core on most of the Zynqs. How can one make use of it for bare metal applications? Does anyone have an example of a two bare metal applications operating on the cores? I'm keen to know what the implications are of running two applications at the same time talking to the same registers / hardware? How would one debug such an application? Is it best to have one core as the interface and the second core compute / software only? What are the details / issues that one has to deal with in the Zynq hardware platform in such an application?

Would like to hear your thoughts.

... there is an app(lication) note for that: XAPP1079


Look up: semaphore and mutex


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