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Can some one tell me what these are and how much they are worth please

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Pretty old topic, but I'd like to reply, just for historical reasons.
These boards seem to be a part of Qualcomm's custom ASIC emulator called Rumi. There are some "RUMI4, Firetail" markings on these boards. So, these boards may be coming from FPGA-emulation machines of their server-targeted ARM processor codenamed Firetail.

Dunno why all the boards have their central chip removed. Maybe it was the only surviving chip, and they removed it prior to throwing away these damaged boards.

Also, I've seen some parts of their earlier (and pretty complex) Rumi3 machine featuring a mix of Virtex-5 and Virtex-6 FPGAs. Rumi3 was made for FPGA emulation of some mobile chipset.

Too bad, all that high-end stuff rarely gets spotted by any public reviewers or bloggers.

FPGA emulation is pretty common, but in my company we tend to switch to Synopsys HAPS fpga server or Zebu emulation machines.
So I have a heap of fpga boards gathering dust (mostly altera, some Xilinx). Most unusable since they require licenses.

So are these boards for sale, I would be interested!

The OP was last active here 3.5 years ago so even if the boards are still in their possession it's unlikely they will ever see your message.


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