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Can some one tell me what these are and how much they are worth please

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I bought a bunch of these off some tweaker I know I seen the name before thought it may be something good so I got them please let me know what i should do with them i have no idea about any of this kind of stuff i just like flipping things making money please be honest


but in that state probably not worth much

LOL, $45K, I don't think so!
Nobody buys Xilinx FPGAs from Digikey, anyway.

Good luck selling those in the pic at $100/pcs or so.

Salvaging these IC parts from the board may be a big undertaking, I would think companies would not go that route, companies that would develop on such expensive platform would go through proper channels, obtaining samples from Xilinx and stuff. A mad scientist or hobbyist  may be interested but unlikely to pay anything close to 4  digits. The parts condition is also unkown, if the board experienced an overvoltage the ICs may be dead. It would be a gamble for one to buy this board.  Still some may be willing so I think you could put the board for an eBay auction with starting price of a couple hundred bucks and let the nature do its thing.

First thing: you don't even know if any of those FPGAs are functional.
Let's say they are... (but how are you going to test them?)

Scavenging those huge BGAs would require unsoldering them (probably not too difficult with hot air and a *large* nozzle), but also REBALLING them (otherwise completely useless), which is not that easy to do and would be pretty much hit or miss especially given the very large number of pads.

So hum. Yeah. Those parts, when bought new, are atrociously expensive, but I don't know who would be foolish enough to re-use them given the above. Even if they are sold for cheap - the required PCBs for doing anything useful with them would already cost a lot, so risking using non-functional parts? Yeah.

Apart from the curious who'd like to 1/ try their reballing tools and skills and 2/ who'd like to see if the ICs could be reused, and make nice 4K Youtube videos about it...
Just saying. ::)


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