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Capturing a JTAG programming stream


So we ran into an issue where we have a piece of hardware that we make and the dedicated eeprom for the FPGA became unavailable and we had to move to a generic eeprom for it. The issue we are having it we used to be able to program the eeprom on board without the assistance of the FPGA through our own software. Now with the new eeprom it is connected through the fpga and we cant use our software to program it because the software cant configure the fpga to write to the eeprom. We can program through JTAG though and we found that the JTAG sends the configuration data before the eeprom payload. So if we can capture the data before the payload we think we can use that with our software to program the eeprom.

So the question is, is there a way to capture the data that the JTAG programmer is sending to the FPGA? I dont think any of our logic analyzers have a deep enough capture to get everything. Anything third party that might work?


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