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Could someone recommend a cheap FPGA? Preferably under 10$, if it doesn't exist then under 20$.


thanks, but i would like a devboard, i'm a begineer.
ps. Also something working with Icestudio, and having easy to understand begineer friendly documentation.

I think the currently cheapest FPGA devkits with usable documentation are Sipeed's Tang Nano series.
The Sipeed Lichee Tang Nano 4K gpes for under 20eur on Aliexpress and Sipeed Lichee Tang Nano 1k can be sometimes found for under 15eur on ali.

Gowin GW1N-series also seems to have some support in Yosys/nextpnr, so you are not limited to the vendor provided tools.

Other low cost options include various FPGA based LED panel controllers and the more random aliexpress specials with older Altera or Xilinx parts.
There might be also some cheap Lattice iCE40 based boards out there, but the chips have had very hit & miss availability.

Nominal Animal:
Olimex iCE40HX8K-EVB or iCE40HX1K-EVB.  They're Open Source Hardware, with schematics and KiCad design files available.


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