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clocking scheme/CDC for half-band filter


I've done some FPGA design but not any multi-bit multirate stuff.  I designed a half-band filter in SystemVerilog, and I will decimate the filter output by 2.  The decimated clock is derived from the clock the filter is running at (implemented a /2 since the speed was too low for the FPGA PLL to generate the clock). 

To handle the different clock domains, should I do Multi-Cycle Path or a short rate adaptation async FIFO or something else? 
This will be in Efinity because I can't find any other cheap boards at the moment. 

For a CIC filter, I imagine it would be the same answer just with a greater clock difference between the clocks.  This is for PDM -> I2S. 


Where there are integer ratio clocks (particularly 2^n ratios, but the concept still works even for non integers) it is more common to leave everything on the "fast" clock and use clock enables for the parts that operate slower.

thanks, I'll try to implement w/clock enables.  I'll try the async FIFOs later but I'll try clock enables first.


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