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DE10-Lite Problems with 7-Segment Display


Has anyone run into the issue of one of the on-board 7-segment displays not working?  We are using the DE10-Lites in our Digital Logic course for several years now with little to no problem.  Now within the past year several of our boards are having one or two of the 7-segment displays no longer working, not the whole segment just some of the elements of the  segment.  There doesn't seem to be a pattern to it, IE the same 7-segment across the boards and so on.  If I look closely at the non-working segment it appears to be discolored slightly.  I haven't taking to unsoldering the display and installing an new one yet.

If any one has some insight to the problem please let me know.



Have you asked Terasic about it? They should be able to tell you if it is a known problem, what would cause it, and  maybe how to prevent it from happening.

Someone had already posted the same problem on there/Intel forum with no real results, other than send it back.  When I get a chance I have to see if I get a signal on the pins in question.



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