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Altera blaster good deal ?

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I had some $$$ to spare this month and since i love to play with FPGA/CPLD i bought the new MAX10 eval board, in my research i found that kit need the USB blaster to be programmed. Well i knew the Altera one cost around 400$ CAN so i started to look at some clone.

I found the Terasic one at 68$ CAN but the interesting thing it's i found a bundle (Digikey call that a value added item) who include the same Max10 eval board with the Altera usb blaster but for 144$ CAN http://www.digikey.ca/product-detail/en/0/MAX10BUNDLE-ND . If i remove the price for the Max10 board the Blaster is 76$ well only 8$ more than the Terasic one. Idk if it's a error or a really good deal but i bought it and it will be delivered tomorrow.

I didn't found any difference between the 400$ one and this one, Digikey have the same datasheet and the Altera website don't have any clue about that. It's the same Rev C with the shielded ribbon cable. Well if someone have some clue :-// or need it, i think it's a good deal if it's the real one  :-+ .

If you check the kit pdf, the blaster is not included (its not fair from them to put it on the image, many people will believe the image...)

Max10 look cool. How does a max10 compare to a spartan6 (papillio pro) or a cyclone 2 (DE2) or a cyclone 4/5(DE0 Nano), or some lattice.

Would be nice to have a comparaison of all those entry level fpga.

Currently, i can't find any comparative of entry level fpga like papilio pro and DE0/DE2


--- Quote from: asgard20032 on June 10, 2015, 10:10:38 pm ---If you check the kit pdf, the blaster is not included (its not fair from them to put it on the image, many people will believe the image...)
--- End quote ---

Looks like it's included to me.  The "kit" is not what is being purchased (well, not only).  The "kit" is the development board.  What is being purchased is the "bundle", which includes the "kit" and the blaster.  The description even says "MAX10 EVAL BOARD AND USB-BLASTER", and there's a link to the USB-Blaster data sheet in addition to the MAX10 data sheet.

This is the MAX10 eval kit:

This is the bundle:

Is there any reason to prefer this kit/board over the BEmicro max 10 from Arrow?  click here:http://www.arrow.com/bemicro/

This has more features, lower cost and a built in usb blaster. I don't have ether so can't compare other than what I've read. Even with the exorbitant Arrow shipping it looks like a much better choice.

Might be worth a look



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