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Has anyone heard of them?

1st time, appear interesting


--- Quote ---The Efinix® Trion® programmable platform, built on Efinix Quantum™ technology, delivers substantial Power-Performance-Area advantages over traditional FPGA products. Trion FPGAs feature programmable logic and a routing fabric built using Quantum technology.
--- End quote ---

Fairly useless marketing-ese.  Anyone care to speculate what their "Quantum technology" actually is?  And what gives this an edge over "traditional" FPGA products?

Their initial package matrix is pretty awful.  Nothing in a low-ball-count package except for the tiniest devices, and only enormous-ball-count packages for their larger devices.  It is even more extreme than, e.g., Xilinx:  fully half of the line is only available in packages with more than 256 balls!  And of course no QFN options, which is perhaps more understandable, but still unfortunate.  I don't understand why no one caters to applications which need lots of fabric but very little I/O?

So they actually do say more on their technology page:

--- Quote ---The basic building block of the Quantum technology is the eXchangeable Logic and Routing (XLR) cell. An XLR cell can function as either a LUT-based logic cell or a routing switch encoded with a scalable, flexible routing structure. This innovation improves the active area utilization by 4X compared to traditional FPGAs, resulting in up to 4X area efficiency and a 2X power advantage. The power, performance, and area advantage is scalable by logic density.
--- End quote ---

This doesn't sound like it involves any new process technology, just a design innovation.  After decades of progress in programmable logic, how is it that Efinix have come up with this [apparently revolutionary] advance while Xilinx/Intel are stuck with inefficient legacy designs? ::) But what do I know...?  Curious what the seasoned FPGA folks think.

I guess Risc V is the thing


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