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FPGA VGA Controller for 8-bit computer

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Use a different proper reset line which I have made available throughout your project.


No progress this week, I'm afraid.  I haven't had any time to even think about the project, let alone work on it.  The last thing I tried was a fixed reset line, no change.  Maybe I'll have some time at the weekend. :-//

Have just tried with fixed reset, both high and low just in case it was active high, still getting zero from the FPU.  I'm setting A and B inputs to 7 and 9 respectively, I'm able to read the results back, and the Q output isn't changing at all - all I'm reading back is 0's.

Latest project attached so we're on the same page.

Place in an absurd number.

Remember, it is floating point, the exponent needs to be set, though anything you enter besides 0 should work.

It may be a bug in the megafunction.

Can you try an integer 32x32bit multiply?


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