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I have the same, two devices that use XC3S400A (FPGA made by Xilinx). One device  is working, the other not because the XC3S400A seems to be faulty.
I can not find already programmed XC3S400A.
Is it possible to read out the code from that working XC3S400A, then write the code to a brand new XC3S400A ?
How can I do that? What programmer do I need?
Thank you for your help

Common FPGAs are not programmed. They load the firmware from a flash or similar at boot time. So if the IC is really bad, change it.

Or the pcb/other componnent around it are faulty.

Very unlikely that the fpga failed.

More likely is a PCB failure, passive copmnent failure or something else.

Thank you for your replies.
FPGA is very hot and the device says, it could not initialize FPGA, so I would expect FPGA problem.

In general, can be FPGA replaced by a new one or each FPGA has security number so it cannot be simply replaced ?


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