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Help finding a small and low cost programable logic IC.

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Ok, but the bits in your diff are in that page. So, it looks like the tool uses them to store project settings rather than actual data. So you can import the binary back and get correct things enabled, but the programming tool will ignore that.

I changed the USB/I2C adapter and hit this errata where writing to the erase register doesn't ack. Added code to clear the error and continue.


I am now programming with a plain Raspberry Pi PICO that acts as a USB/I2C adapter, instead of the of the shelf I2cDriver Mini.

Posted my code as two pypi packages here:

https://pypi.org/project/greenpak      // An API do read/write/program greenpak devices via I2C.
https://pypi.org/project/i2c-adapter   // Rasberry Pico based USB to I2C adapter.

In the future will extend the greenpak driver to support also other USB/I2C adapters.

Here is an example with the in-circuit initial address assignment. The control codes page may be at different NVM addresses in different device type,  hence the programming is done for each device type independently.. Writing the control code page for one type creates a side affect on the other types that were not assigned yet, but this is fixed once they move to their real address and are reprogrammed from scratch.



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