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help on choice programmer JTAG


I’m trying to repair a Rigol 1052E oscilloscope
There is a lot of reading about it and I have no history of what was done on it. I think a 100mhz update  had to be attempted and failed, blocking the boot.
There is a lot of reading on this subject (I also put some posts).
What I would like to know is what kind of JTAG programmer it takes to program (also read the content) the S29GLO64 circuit.
Knowing that I do not want to put a fortune in a programmer and that in fact I would only use it once without being sure of the result.
May you give me some examples that are suitable from the site Ali....s. I am a bit lost in all the models.
Thanks for your help.


I assume you're trying to get at the Blackfin code (not the FPGA side of things, thus?). I have an old DS1102, I believe they were based on the same cores with different peripherals, though.
The easy way used to be ICEbear JTAG (discontinued), you might get lucky with other FT2232H based solutions and lots of messy hacking around OpenOCD or urjtag.


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