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Help required in Library of Zyn 7010 by xilinx SoC


 I dont have account on Altium Live.I already submitted request but they are not responding and its been one month.I needContents of one Main SoC of my Board.The Link of Content on Altium live is as Follow
http://designcontent.live.altium.com/#UnifiedComponentDetail/Xilinx_Zynq-7000/?search=zynq 7000

SoC is  XC7Z010-1CLG400C.i hope you all have account of Altium Live Can you download the Content of this Chip and send it will be very helpfull because Altium representatives are not responding and this is causing delay in Board.
Kindly its a 5 min process i really need help here
my email is sanwal.saleem209@gmail.com

I Just Got that..
Thanks Marshall


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