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How to design UART peripherals IP?

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i agree with you. :'(

I don't know if your question was more a general one out of interest, or specific to the audio FPGA board you designed? I mean, is it this board that triggered your interest in FPGAs and HDLs, or is it a more general interest of yours?

Saying that, because for this audio board, purely using a beefy MCU (like the NXP iMXRT series) would probably get you way enough power for audio processing (unless you implement very intensive processing in the FPGA fabric as some coprocessor, that would otherwise not run as software) and wouldn't require all this knowledge about FPGAs and logic design, even for the most "basic" stuff like UARTs.

yes, a more general one, really because for a long time, i cannot understand the UART. :'(
for that audio board, it is a platform designed to implement my RTLs ;)(for study purpose, or just for fun), instead of just finish some audio tasks, or be sold as a good on the shelf ::)(Of course I have raspberrypi, which can very easily finish those things.)


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