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How to simulate/testbench with IceStudio?


I am considering using IceStudio with a ColorLight-i9-v7.2_(FT2232H) board. Does it include simulation/testing capabilities, that is, testing individual blocks, with or without a board, injecting input vectors and examining the waveforms?

It does have related export capabilities (picture below) but I couldn't figure out what to do with them.

Alternatively, is there a clearly better free tool that you would recommend? I like the fact that IceStudio is open source and runs also on Mac OS.

A quick update, since then I switched from IceStudio to apio and all my simulation and automatic testing requirements are satisfied.

These two open source products are from the same group and support the same set of boards and FPGA, where apio text based (similar concept to Platformio) while IceStudio is a GUI abstraction that uses apio.

I recently did a project in SystemVerilog. Very easy to shoot oneself in the foot since the language is not strict about types like VHDL.


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