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I need a small fpga with 2-4MB of RAM and nothing else

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I need a small board with an FPGA (I prefer Xilinx) with just SDRAM or something simpler than DRAM.
I don't want to use a IP-core to manage the ram, and I need to address up to 2 or 4Mbyte.

I don't need other gadgets on the board, I don't want e.g. 7segments LCDs, buttons, .. etc. Just soldered ram and a header with pins!

Is there anything that I can buy? I don't have the skill and the equipment to design and make one myself  :-//

This is a rebranded MOJO board

Here is a chunk of SDRAM

Heres the board info for the SDRAM


I can also mention boards that I talked about a while ago, with Lattice ECP5 FPGAs (they are actually FPGA boards made for light controllers, that some company made dev base boards for). Relatively cheap and work well. They have 8 MBytes SDRAM (32-bit data bus, which is not bad). They also embed 2 Ethernet PHYs (but not the connectors, but normally all you'll need is MAGJACKs if you wanna implement Ethernet), just one user LED and many IOs. I have two of them, one with a ECP5-25 and one with a ECP5-45.


Canis Dirus Leidy:
Chinese board with Spartan-6 (XC6SLX16) and MT48LC16M16A2 SDRAM chip: https://aliexpress.com/item/32801899786.html


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