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ice40 ultra icecube2 software does not recognize my input constraint


Hi, please bear with me as I have been struggling with lattice softwares as I am used to Xilinx. I have been using icecube2 for a project. It was working fine but yesterday I have encountered this problem where the software automatically deletes my constraint specification saying that it is unconnected. Below is the warning it gives me and also I have added my code where I use the FPGAKONE_SDI inside a module as SDI. I connect the input FPGAKONE_SDI directly from the top module to this module I added.

Update: I have written a check algorithm where I need to check the register (and output the check as an STD_LOGIC) I have loaded with my input and the constraints seem to be working fine with that.

Without seeing both the code that defines the entity and the code that instantiates it, there's nothing we can say.

I deleted my code as I have found my problem, and wanted to inform people who will come across with the same problem.


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