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Kintex-7 board - good deal?

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Hi there,

looking for a high LC-count FPGA board, I came across this dude here:


comparing to other offers of big FPGAs and especially taking into account the recent price spike, I wonder if I am either overlooking something or I am about to fall into a trap  ;)
I mean, it´s a pretty basic board and it could well be that the chip isn´t new, but come on 120$ for a 326.080 LC-chip on a board? You´d be lucky to find a fake chip for 2x the price. The chip alone is 2000$ on digikey. If something is too good to be true, it probably is, but then again the seller seems reputable and all their other offers seem reasonable.
what do you think?


I would guess its a genuine offer. Probably a re-purposed mining rig FPGA. I would be happy to take a punt on it if I needed one.
Watch out for the cost of the xilinx licence though.

Well, the FPGA alone is a bit less elsewhere like here: https://www.questcomp.com/part/4/xc7k325t-1ffg676ces9937/433066084?utm_term=xc7k325t-1ffg676ces9937&utm_campaign=aktype0&utm_medium=industry-cpc&utm_source=findchips&utm_content=standardpricing

You cant beat 100$usd.

It's like the Arrow DECA board for 37$.  50k logic cell FPGA worth all on it's own ~250$ and with the chip shortage, around 3 months ago, someone out there bought out almost all 1,5k units within a 1-2 days and probably salvaged the FPGAs.  It's a shame for those hobbyists who want to learn HDL and now they only have 2 left.

Half of those DECA boards probably went to EEVBlog members, thanks to the thread here at that time ;D

That chip can consume up to 20 A of power on Vccint rail alone. Do you see anything on that board that looks even remotely like it can output that kind of power? In the description they say: Default power source for board is: 1A@5V DC  :-DD
Underspecced PDS is an Achilles heel of most of those Aliexpress boards.

Also they don't provide a license voucher for this device, so you will need to either buy a full Vivado license (3k$), or source it elsewhere - like buy a Digilent's Genesys 2 board ($1k), which comes with a voucher for a device-locked license of Vivado. This board is the cheapest way I know of getting a license for K325T device, and it can be used for all speed grades and packages (which is a nice bonus).


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