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Very frustrated here. Been two weeks and several emails into Lattice Semiconductor to try and get an iCECube2 licensing key.
I created a new account two weeks ago... to my (non-free) email account but I still cannot access any of the account pages.


--- Quote ---The page or resource you have attempted to access requires a valid account. While most accounts are quickly created, some require further processing. Please be aware that it may take up to two business days for your account to fully activate. We apologize for the inconvenience.

If you continue to have access issues after two business days please contact Webmaster.
--- End quote ---

I emailed Webmaster a week ago. No response. emailed a different address earlier tonight.

Does anyone have any alternate ideas on getting a license key for use with iceCube2?  I know this isn't a tech support forum for lattice.... just beyond frustrated that I can't seem to get a license and they are ... non-responsive.

What project to develop?

I have a personal dual port ram design I want to test... created from ChatGPT in vhdl.
Curious how close it got to "functional".

I never (really never) had a single problem re licensing file or registration with Lattice - icecube2 and Radiant. Renewed the licences perhaps 3 times already, as it is 1 year license. Also the support was quite responsive, I had perhaps 10 tickets there, they responded within a day or two, not always with a solution, but at least they responded..
It could be they are vetting the newcomers somehow..

Haven't heard of that. But they may be blacklisting email addresses from some particular email providers.


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