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Looking for Xilinx Foundation 2.1i, 3.1i software.

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Back again, the title pretty much says it all... I've checked everywhere, and am digging through old Prentice Hall ISBNs looking for disks at this point.

Does anyone around here have/know where to find a copy of either Xilinx Foundation 2.1i or 3.1i (notISE)?  Any version... base, express, student, anything.  Hell I'd throw my wallet at someone if they had the original media at this point.

Closest I've gotten my hands on is ISE 3.3i, but that's too new for device support; I've recently inherited several cases/several hundred XC3000A-series chips that I'd like to use for some personal projects, but turning up software from the 90s is unsurprisingly difficult.

Or maybe XAct 5.2.1


The software is one thing but the license is another and that's where the problems start.


Yep, the license sounds like it's going to be my issue... my understanding is that XAct and the first versions of Alliance/Foundation used a parallel dongle key but the later versions used a software license locked to the system's HDD serial number.  Could be completely wrong about that though.  I figure I can probably get a software license to work, but there isn't much I can do about a hardware key, which is why I left XAct off the list.  Not sure about Foundation 1.5/1.5i.

IIRC Alliance didn't come with a frontend and so I'd rather not go hunting down whatever design entry tools were used at the time ontop of that.

I sent you a MP.

Got it, much appreciated - I'll try to get it loaded and running on the old 486DX machine when I leave work today.

I also found and ordered an ancient copy of Wakerly's Digital Design: Principles and Practices (2nd Edition), which if it really is 'new' as described, should come with a Xilinx Foundation 1.5 Student Edition disc - it sounds like this should be good for the entire XC3000A series according to this old archived page.  I'll keep everyone posted if it shows up.


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