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Low-end FPGA selection help

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Unless I've missed something, its 32+1 address lines isn't it? Two each for the 16 muxes.
If so that's an 8.5GBx16 EEPROM. Hmmn!

I still think a cheap PIC with CLC is the way to go.

Something like ATF1508 i believe is available
Or can probably use bunch of ATF22v10?

What is your VCC?

Yes, Vcc and propagation delay would drive the selection. Board space allowance would be nice to know, too. And your tolerance of parts availability on long term.

If you are heavily concerned with RF interference then you should be shielding the electronics to mitigate any radiated emissions and designing in filters to mitigate conducted emissions which can become radiated.

I would not solely rely on a device going to sleep to eliminate your EMI concerns on this project.


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