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As I wrote above.....unloading ftdi_sio and usbserial helps to program SRAM, not external SPI....but not with latest programmer version...and no..dmesg just shows that the kernel assigned ttyUSBx, nothing else.

So I made the decision that we focus more on EOS S3 and Trion for ML edge...and drop Gowin....also due to the fact that we can't get any Gowin DK here in Europe....as stated before..Mouser puts a testriction on DKs but not chips.

So for me this case is closed...but thanks for the feedback/pointers :-)

Already talked about it, but this ftdi_sio module on Linux is pretty annoying IMHO. Sure it makes it easy when you connect FTDI-based devices and actually want to access them using a virtual serial port, but in other cases, it sucks.

Of course you can always write udev rules to unload the ftdi_sio automatically, but problem is, if the VID/PID are the standard FTDI ones, it will apply to any device using them... so it's most useful when the device has its own VID/PID. Which is not always the case, because it has a cost...

Mouser is not the only distributor of this product line. Gowin is in China and you should be able to purchase the kits from other sources.

Contact Edge Electronics if you are ever interested in the future and have the kits / parts drop shipped to you from HK. That is what we have done to source the latest kits from Gowin. Some tools we purchased from Aliexpress resellers at competitive costs.

Edge offers the kits and parts at a lower resale than Mouser.

OT - We love the business model of supporting Linux as many of our tier 1 clients (defense / aerospace / medical) are on Linux platforms. However, will never forget the very long summer when we had to develop a Linux device driver for Intel to support one of our designs. It was worse than going to the dentist for multiple root canals. Then and there we decided to just design our h/w to support the native device drivers shipped with Linux. Since then, it has worked out very well for us. Why not develop on Linux, if you really wish but have a dedicated Windows box just to program the IP onto the target FPGA ? In the end, do it what it takes to get the FPGA programmed - even if it means throwing salt over your shoulder while hopping on one leg. Just my 2 bits (half a nibble). Peace.


--- Quote from: davorin on November 05, 2021, 03:41:23 pm ---Still beats me why it won't program the external SPI flash though as SRAM works fine...

--- End quote ---
You have to erase/program the embedded flash, not the external SPI flash.

If you want program your bitstream to this device, you should program the internal flash. The external flash on this board  is just for data storage unless you want the dual boot mode. But this part on Tang Nano Board may not support this mode due to limited IOs.


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