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Newbie with Vivado and XMD Console questions please?

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Chris Wilson:
I have bricked my Analog Devices Pluto SDR and AD have told me, in very brief terms, how to unbrick it. They have supplied a run.tcl file and told me I need to run it from an XMD console in Vivado. I initially downloaded the current version, but once I launched the .exe it unpacked then plain disappeared. It seems a not uncommon problem, and it's defeated me. OS in Win 10 64 bit Pro. I also think that only earlier versions have the XMD console.

So I downloaded the "Lab" version 2014.1 which should have the XMD console I believe, based on age? It also has a conventional installer.

I can launch and run it, and it sees my Pluto using a JTAG lead and adapter board. But I have been unable to find, let alone launch an XMD console and AD tell me the run.tcl file needs to be in an XMD console, hence some errors on trying to run it from the GUI.

I am again downloading another big file from Xilinx, the 2014.1 Xilinx Vivado SDK. I have also got what I hope is the right temporary 30 day licence for it.

Is this what I need and will it run an XMD console please?

These are the instructions AD linked to:


Thanks, needless to say I am way out of my comfort zone here, I don't want or need to become a Vivado expert, I just want tu unbrick my PlutoSDR ;)

Thanks, treat me like an idiot please!

EDIT, I have had a look at the SDK options for installation, what if any are needed to run the console and unbrick my Pluto please, see attachment screenshot of options panel.

Hi Chris,

I'm not familiar with Vivado and XDM, so can't help there, but you write about a .tcl script you need to run. For what I know of it such a script contains commands that the suite needs to perform, and maybe someone can tell you what to do if they see the contents of the script.

So either attach it to, or put the content in a # code block in a new post.

It may well be possible to execute the actions one by one in the GUI to get it done.

Chris Wilson:
Thanks for your reply, the zip file for bootstrapping the device contains more than just the .tcl script, but I have not seen any instruction to run the other file, but I'll attach the lot. This is a dedicated zip from AD with the purpose of resurrecting a bricked Pluto.

Hi Chris,

I looked at the files in the zip and it holds the bitstream for the FPGA part of the I guess ZYNQxx device in your SDR. This is the system_top.bit file and is most likely loaded into a FLASH chip on the board. Then there is an u-boot.elf file which holds the boot loader for loading I guess Linux. It also needs to be loaded to some FLASH either inside or outside the FPGA.

Then there are two scripts and the first one is run.tcl which also loads the other script ps7_init.tcl. And I think it is this second script that needs the XDM command line interface to do the job.

The run.tcl script is not that complex.

--- Code: ---## JTAG bootstrap u-boot for initial SF/SPI flash programming
## Open Xilinx Command Line Tool
## type: xmd -tcl run.tcl

#fpga -f system_top.bit

connect arm hw
xreset 64

source ps7_init.tcl

dow u-boot.elf
disconnect 64

--- End code ---

It stops and resets the processors, runs the other script and then loads and starts the u-boot.elf code. Leaves the question where the Linux kernel and the rest of the OS are stored that need to be loaded.

Maybe another user here knows more about how to get the ZYNQ up and running with these files.

Chris Wilson:
OK, thanks again, pure guesswork here, but I THINK that once this "stuff" is loaded I need to set it in dfu mode, open something like PUTTY and then load the "other stuff" as it should then be receptive to "other stuff". (Technical terms TM) :)

I really need to know what Xilinx apps need loading in order to get to an XMD console, to me it's very daunting, badly documented and mainly guesswork at the moment. I also need to know if I need to put ALL the files in the zip somewhere, and just where somewhere is...?

I'm a glorified mechanic by trade <LOL> All the best pcprogrammer :)


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