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website opencores.org has a problem about sending password resetting email. So you shouldn't ask for this kind of email, because the password will be changed and you'll never get the email with the new password. That's what I did !

Could someone with access to opencores.org please send me the download from the projects :
"https://opencores.org/projects/ax4lbr" and


Here they are. Rename .zip to .gz, forum does not allow that extension.

OpenCores login system has been the real pain since the start and it never got better.

Thank you very much !

I can't even register to create an account.  After filling out all info on screen 1/7, Basic Info, the "next" button remains grayed out.  I think I had an account sometime in the past, but it doesn't seem able to find it, maybe it got deleted due to inactivity.  I wonder how hard it would be to set up a better hosting service for this...

GitHub or GitLab is a better hosting. Most of the stuff on OpenCores is abandoned. I expect that all the supported stuff already moved to less antiquated places.


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