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NEW PCIe over USB-C Thunderbolt 3/4 interface for SQRL Acorn/Nitefury CLE-215(+)

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Hey everyone!  I have integrated the M.2 format SQRL/Nitefury Artix-7 FPGA board into a thunderbolt enclosure so that any computer with a thunderbolt port (most laptops and desktops these days) can use these boards as PCIe connected devices without the need for a dedicated PCIe slot or a PCIe riser board.

Using the SQRL_quickstart loadout, these surplus abandonware FPGAs become a really neat development board with DMA access.  You can even flash the devices via PCIe without needing to use a JTAG interface (albeit after you first flash my SQRL_quickstart bitstream via JTAG).

The SQRL quickstart loadout uses the LiteX litepcie interface the device via PCIe at full x4 lane speed (see attached dma test).  It also blinks all user addressable LEDs and outputs unique frequency square waves on all 12 GPIO outputs.  This allows you to do perform a full suite of functionality tests on any new SQRL/Nitefury device you may get.

All of the aforementioned bitstreams and other software for flashing the devices can be found on my github repo below:

Small update: I tested this with a Thunderbolt 4 board, and it works with that chipset as well.  Both are plug&play with the SQRL quickstart bitstream provided on the github link.

Hmm, interesting. (Just so as you know someone is paying attention and the effort is appreciated.)

ditto, this is actually super, super cool, thanks

In fact I just ordered one from ebay, so I can try it out ...


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