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Programming (non-JTAG) MAX7000 devices

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I have two EPM7064 and one EPM7032. I intend to learn how to program them. I'm still reading this extensive topic.
I found some old Altera manuals. And this one is interesting - 1993_Altera_Max_7000_Data_Book.pdf


MAX+PLUSĀ® II Getting Started Manual:


I'm just registered at the forum to participate this discussion.
Great thanks to @migry, @Beta_vulgaris, @abyrvalg, @pityokas and to someone, who I may miss, for all work, that you've done.

Currently, I've read the whole thread and try to gather information inside my head to implement "Bulk Eraser" for EPM 7000S.
My interest in narrower than to fully reverse the parallel programming protocol. But from what I've read here,
parallel erasing is an act of programming anyway.  ;)

In short, I have a whole tray (>50 pcs) of new and unsoldered EPM7128SQI100-10, that do not answer to JTAG.
They're in PQFP100/0.65 and it seems they were ZIF-programmed with JTAG disabled.
Simple methods, like +12V to OE1 and JTAG erase (for Atmel ATF150X) didn't work.

So I try to discover chip interaction with all information that I've taken here and post my findings back here.

Thanks, Igor.


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