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migry, I've tried to disassemble the AMAX70.EXE a bit and have identified the erase function. I can see the 10 42 08 21 84 10 42 08 21 84 pattern matching your log, the ReadID function sends it and receives 5x16 bits back from the chip. Those bits should contain an "ALTERA92" (for EPM7032) or "ALTERA93" (for EPM7032V) in some form. I could dig further if you share LPT pins to programmer regs mapping (don't want to dig into programmer schematics and PAL contents since you did it already).
I can see some sequences looking like prommer regs accesses, i.e. write reg addresses to LPT DATA port, pulse INIT pin, write reg value to DATA port, pulse AUTOLF, but it would be much faster to reuse your info (i.e. reg addresses, who are all those E0, E1,E3 etc I'm looking at).
Or you just follow https://stackoverflow.com/questions/6947413/how-to-open-read-and-write-from-serial-port-in-c to access serial port from DOSBox and implement that bridging. Beware, there are two IC-specific delays (called Tbe and Tpg in AMAX70.EXE, looks like it gets them straight from the ID data), both affect some pulse lengths sent via reg E2. Not sure how critical they are.


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