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Replicating a 'custom' 6800 in FPGA

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So, I have this project that I built just to say I built it - a copy of an obscure bit of test equipment from the mid '80s.

Thing is, it uses a CPU that is an industrial 6800 variant (more precisely, it has the 6801 instruction set, yet the pinout is similar to a stock 6800).

It seems the chip I salvaged turned out to be dead... and the only place that even has any left quoted me a price over $50 apiece.

So, I'm curious if anyone has made an FPGA adapter for a 6800-class MPU?

I haven't counted the pins but maybe the Digilent CMOD S6 or A7 can do the job.  I suspect there will need to be a carrier board between the project board and the CMOD to straighten out some signal pinouts.


There's a MC6803/6801 core at OpenCores.org if you need one.

Do you have the project documented somewhere (schematics, source, layout...)?       

There is a 6800 core that I've used in some projects, although it is not cycle accurate, I don't know if that matters to you or not. It is certainly possible to use a FPGA soft core interfaced to original hardware but I don't know if there is a ready to go core that will do exactly what you want.

Voltage levels may be a problem.


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