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Reverse engineering Anlogic AL3_10 FPGA

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Thanks tv84,

It was quite the quest indeed.

To finish it it would mean a lot of trial and error to find the right version of the IDE, the proper optimization settings and maybe even the order in how the verilog is written. Not sure if my curiosity is big enough for it.  :)

Since you just now spotted this, you probably also missed the grandeur joke I made about it in the FNIRSI thread.  :-DD

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--- Quote from: tv84 on April 10, 2021, 08:32:18 pm ---Reversing the programming: only in God mode...

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Ok it took way more then 7 days, but if I had a son I would have to rename him Jesus, because I did it.  :-DD

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It is the curse of the curious mind though, that I persisted and might dive into a new reversal adventure with the Hantek DSO2D15 FPGA. A bit more of a challenge and a lot harder due to almost no knowledge of the workings of it. But first some other projects like modernizing a FischerTechnik 27MHz remote control set.


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