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Review and repair of ALTERA Arria II GX FPGA Development Kit (DK-DEV-2AGX125N)

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In case someone might get interested, repair article and review of mid-range Arria II GX Kit.

Board itself:

Repair in progress, +2.5V power plane is shorted to ground somewhere (this power rail powers SRAM, Flash , EPM2210, LAN and some aux VREGs), so need to find short first by removing parts one by one...

FPGA die little bit chipped in two corners, hope that's still fine.

Will see after repair on power side.  :-BROKE

I have the same board, mine is also very slightly chipped in the corner though it still works fine. The die thickness is mostly wasted space, you really have to worry about the thin space on the side you can't see.

Is xdevs.com down?


--- Quote ---Is xdevs.com down?
--- End quote ---

Seems working ok here...


Nah, it's busted. I'm aware of flip-chip BGA construction, but these chips are deep down as well.

MAX II EPM2210 was a reason for 2.5V short, it's dead. Removed it - now all 2.5V, 1.5V, 1V, VTT supplies up and running.
Onboard USB blaster works now ok too.

But resistance on A2VCCA_PLL is 0.01 ohm, and that supply obviously not working. And A2VCCIO_B6A bank from +2.5V is shorted too, 0.2 ohm there.

So it's bust  :palm: :-BROKE
Replacing FPGA would be cost unreasonable, so board can be used as fancy USB-Blaster now :).


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