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RUMOR: Intel looking to buy Altera

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--- Quote ---If Intel decides to do further integration, they will probably do it more vigorously, say, putting PLD core to an addressable memory (just like how Xeon Phi works).

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This is pretty much the same as Xilinx do with their ZYNQ line - two ARMs surrounded by a lot of programmable fabric. Both the fabric and the processor can access the memory system through the bus system.


--- Quote from: miguelvp on December 30, 2015, 10:48:27 am ---Both Google and Microsoft (Bing) use FPGAs on their data centers or at least they are experimenting with that notion.

I could definitely use a Xeon processor with FPGA fabric, might not happen yet, but it's coming.

Think about it, configurable hardware driven protocols on a data center saving some watts.

Maybe Intel is not saying much about it yet, but an FPGA co-processor is pretty cool and I bet it's in the works.

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--- Quote from: miguelvp on December 30, 2015, 08:31:15 pm ---Altera already has hard core ARM processors in their offerings.

The reason for FPGAs on a data center is to lower energy consumption as well as speeding things up to remain competitive. For example Microsoft was brining them to the datacenter.


Intel already announced a while back they are working of FPGA fabric for their Xeon processors.


I can't find the reference for Google, but I did read they were also doing that.

But having the fabric on the chip will be even more efficient than going through an external bus. Altera already has that know-how using their Avalon interconnect.

Not sure what progress has been made, but it's coming.

Edit: I forgot to mention, Altera has been using Intel's tech for their higher end FPGAs for a while now.

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Well, it is happening and coming in 2017:


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