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Running Xilinx Vivado HLS from in the Cloud - Can it be done?

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Yep, are you sure your PC actually isn't powerful enough?

The lack of performance is in the tools, as others pointed out part of it is in the fact that the processes of this particular design flow are very sequential by nature but even for those that aren't Vivado will make no attempt to parallelize anything from what I can see.
Source generation is done sequentially instead of treating each block concurrently, same for synthesis, etc.

Also I can't seem not to think a lot or most actually comes from Vivado being a bloated thing built on top of who knows how many layers of excessively heavy frameworks, as is shown by the appalling performance of each and every operation you do in it regardless of machine. Come on, it shouldn't take 10 seconds just to open a block diagram on an I7...
Given that nowadays most of PC "potential performance" is achieved by adding more cores, and Vivado will only use one or 2 at best you could very well upgrade to the latest and greatest and see virtually no difference.

Let's have a little benchmark, how long does it take you to do the whole thing i.e. generate bitstream from a fresh download of Digilent's reference zybo base system?


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