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What FPGAs Are Still Available?

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With the global shortage, I'm wondering what parts to design in and what parts not to.  JLCPCB has a couple of Spartan 6 devices in 256 pin BGAs, but no inventory.  Digikey has none and a delivery date of Sept. 

My customer is making a "last time buy" of my present board.  I thought they were going to design me out with their respin of the product my board goes into.  Instead they are asking me for a price on respinning my board too. 

So I need to find an FPGA I can put on a 0.85 inch/21.6 mm wide board without going finer than 5/5 design rules... and actually buy!  I read something yesterday that Intel was saying this could last for a couple of years.  Wow!

How many IO pins and what kind of functionality/resources do you need in FPGA, and what is the quantity required? The question is quite vague.

I've been evaluating the Lattice ECP5 lately for a possible replacement for Xilinx in some future projects. And it's currently still available. For how long though, nobody knows. What's available today may become unavailable tomorrow.

Need ~60 I/Os, 4,000 LUTs with multipliers or 5,000 without.  Minimum speed grade, commercial temp. 

The quantity will depend on the orders.  They vary from 100 to 10,000.  Not sure how that matters when sources list a 6 month lead time. 

I want to find an FPGA that isn't presently on allocation.  I don't have a contract to design this board.  I'm just trying to figure out how limited my options are. 

I was hoping to use a Gowin part in the QFP100 package as the current part is.  But Gowin is on a US government sh*t list so it is not a good choice to put in products that are often sold to the US government.  We are using the GW1N-9 in an open source design.  It seems like a decent product.

Lattice XO2 - some 4000 and 7000's at Digikey


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