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What is this for --> XILINX FPGA development board


"XILINX FPGA development board first choice for ABC richData tutorial (Oscilloscopes)"

At Aliexpress:

From the ad:


0 , Main chip XC3S200A, Configure chip M25P20.

1 ,Mature Peripheral Design And appearance.
2 , with chip swith USB to UART,UART with driver and control code, the user can write your
own control after learning code, or even directly using the code we provide for use in the actual
project inside.
3 , with PS2 keyboard interface , Keyboard as the input is more convenient, and more
information can be entered. The board also has a control code that can be directly parse out
the keyboard input..
4 , 7-segment digital decoder with 8 dynamic scanning tube . With a standard driver.
5 , with 24XX and 93CXX chips and chip sockets , USB port connected to the computer,
with software can be used directly for downloader of these two types of chips.
6 ,8 DIP switch, 4 buttons, 8 LED, 1 buzzer.
7 , external expansion interface board , 20PIN plug.

What caught my eye was -->  "tutorial (Oscilloscopes)" 

Edit: Is this an oscilloscope training board?

Exactly what is this?

Yes, I am interested also.


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