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What to do with those old XC3S1200E chips (o;

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--- Quote from: davorin on October 26, 2021, 03:10:15 pm ---Well already tried to sell them...no luck...not sure sure anyone wants to design something with an obsolete and unsupported IDE.

--- End quote ---

With all the shortages out there you still cannot sell them?

Probably not a lot of companies producing products want to buy a small batch from some random person. This is the sort of thing a chip broker might want though. Once had someone give me quite a lot of money for a few reels of oddball parts I struggled to find any use for.

Good day (o;

Was busy reading datasheets and app notes lately....and looked at some old schematics (o;
And also the schmeatics symbols is done now in KiCAD....as the one from octopart throwed errors...

If I understand the section right about JTAG programming....I can set the programming mode to always be SPI serial flash mode but still can use JTAG for reprogramming the FPGAs SRAM or even the attached SPI flash...right?

From DS212:

--- Quote ---JTAG port that is always available any time the FPGA is powered and regardless of the mode pin settings.

--- End quote ---

There are multiple ways of programming one but generally yes you use JTAG both for loading the bitstream directly during development and for programming the configuration EEPROM that is hooked up externally. You'll need a Xilinx platform USB cable, the Chinese clones work fine.

Excellent...makes layout easier ;-)

A USB cable clone is already on the way...but just out if curiosity..would a Digilent JTAG-HS2 cable also work for flashing the SPI flash....

I assume iMpact uses JTAG boundary scan to toggle the flash lines accordingly....and not via a preloaded design as it is used with newer FPGAs...


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