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where did all the lower end FPGAs go ??

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--- Quote from: gnuarm on June 27, 2022, 05:13:03 am ---Anyone heard of Cologne Chip?  They are German and seem to have out the smallest part in their product line, 20kLUTs.  The LUT structure is a bit unique, with 8 inputs to a "LUT-tree" which can be configured as a pair of 4LUTs or something else I haven't found yet. 

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Interesting chip  :-+ In the documentation https://www.colognechip.com/programmable-logic/gatemate/#documentation
in the  "GateMate Primitives Library (March 2022)" pdf on page 45 it tells how the LUT are combined in a LUT tree wit up to 8 inputs, I did short hope the they actually had an 8 input LUT I could use as lookup table for 8x8 (256) ... but no luck here

Now I'm disappointed.  I figured the LUT would be a pair of LUT4s with some clever combining logic.  But there are no LUT4s even.  They use LUT2s with more LUT2s to combine them.  So rather restricted in the logic which can be implemented in a single LUT-tree.  The LUT2 seems to be the actual primitive hardware element in the CPE Logic element.  They never show you how they can be connected or how many there are.  2 input what-not gates. 

I also noticed the chip doesn't have 3.3V I/Os either.  2.5V max it looks like.  That's a bigger problem and precludes this device from my current need.


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