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Which HDMI serializer chip to use for small fpga design?

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Hi All,

Does anyone have a suggestion on a HDMI serializer chip to use, for a smal fpga project involving video on hdmi screen?
I dont have any high speed differential pairs on the chip available unfortunately. 

Ideally I want to clock with pixelrates of up to 25-50 Mhz with 8-10 bits at a time, giving me a bitclock of up to 500 Mhz.

I am looking at the TFP410 TI PanelBus™ Digital Transmitter https://www.ti.com/lit/ds/symlink/tfp410.pdf
This needs 12 bits + dual clocks + 4 controls = total of 18 IO's

Anyone in the field has some suggestions on alternatives?


A little bit on confusion here as you mention the TFP410 but link to the datasheet for the TS3DV642.

The TFP410 looks like it is limited to either 12 or 24-bit inputs, so not sure how well it will work (if at all) with your 8-10 bit pixel data.

An alternative may be the ADV7513 from Analog Devices which says it does support 8-bit & 10-bit Y:Cb:Cr 4:2:2 inputs.

You can see the tables on page 23 - 27 of the hardware user guide.... https://www.analog.com/media/en/technical-documentation/user-guides/adv7513_hardware_user_guide.pdf


--- Quote from: Mario87 on July 28, 2021, 10:25:34 am ---A little bit on confusion here as you mention the TFP410 but link to the datasheet for the TS3DV642.

--- End quote ---
Thanks I corrected the link.

I misspoke I mean bandwidth instead of pixelclock.

My interface has a maximum of 14 IO's, and I would like to limit the bandwidth to max 50 Mhz.
Otherwise I would have to add additional connectors which would make it overly complex.

The ADV7513 still would require to much IO's.

Ideally the chip would have a PLL for multiplying the input clock an input FIFO and a serializer in order to generate the 4 differential signals for the HDMI.

Not sure why you think the ADV7513 still requires too much IO? It supports 8-bit & 10-bit input + CLK + SDA + SCL (that is 11- 13 IO). You can have the syncs embedded in your bit steam and the H-Sync, V-Sync & DE can all be generated internally from that on the ADV7513 once the registers are correctly configured via the I2C (hence the need for SDA / SCL) and it does have an internal PLL to generate the TMDS and other clocks used internally to the ADV7513 from your input clock.

Seems like it fits your needs from what I can see. Have you had a proper look at the Hardware User Guide I linked to? There is also a separate datasheet and programming guide with more details in them.

Also see it is used on the DE10NANO, and 12 bits of IO seems possible.

Browsing the 188 pages of programming info..  :o

I am still figuring out if it will let me inject audio, without using the I2S interface.


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