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I am looking at respinning a board that uses an EOL Lattice part and using a Xilinx part instead.  XC7S15-1FTGB196C seems like a reasonable choice, but I can't get any read on pricing.  The XC7S6-1FTGB196C is $17 at Mouser and under $10 at LCSC. 

The XC7S15-1FTGB196C is $22 at Mouser, but $120 a LCSC.  Then the XC7S15-1FTGB196I is only $12 at qty 1000 at LCSC. 

I can't get a read on any of this.  I suppose this is the shortage at work.  I'll be using 1,000 a year.  Will I get any traction with Xilinx if I try to talk to them directly?

You're lucky if you can get ahold of any FPGA that you actually need these days.


--- Quote from: SiliconWizard on September 22, 2022, 07:22:36 pm ---You're lucky if you can get ahold of any FPGA that you actually need these days.

--- End quote ---

Not really trying to get parts now.  I'm looking to figure out what parts I should use, based on price and availability down the road six or twelve months.  Does Xilinx at least provide samples these days?

One problem is I have no feel for how good the Xilinx 6-LUTs are compared to a 4-LUT.  The -6 chip has about 3600 of them (compared to the mythical 6000 Logic Cells).  My existing chip has 3000 4-LUTs and is around 90% full.  I need to shove two of these circuits into a new chip and I'm thinking I need the -15 Xilinx part with 8,000 6-LUTs should do the job fine.  I could even go with the -25 part with 14,600 6-LUTs if the price is not too bad. 

I like the FTGB196 package as it fits the board ok, although I may be making a double board.  Not sure how many more I/Os I would need for a twin board, but the 100 I/Os in the FTGB196 seems a bit tight.  Maybe not, we haven't looked at the   In that case, I might go with a 256 pin BGA with 1.0 mm pitch.  I don't see that for the Spartan 7.  I'd have to go chip hunting again. 

Its an FPGA, you run a (the) build to see what the resource use is before committing to a part, be that size or speed grade or IO etc

I'd look elsewhere. Gowin for example. The  XC7S15-1FTGB196C doesn't look like a very high end device.


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