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David Spicer:
I have about 10 Xilinx development kits accumulated over the last ten years or so. They start with a Spartan 2 kit (1 Only) Then there's about 5 assorted Spartan 3 of various flavours (Spartan 3, Spartan 3 A, Spartan 3AN) Then there is a  prototype module (all holes with the Strandard Xilinx Hirose connector on it) and the expansion PCB that has serial ports, flash and so on on it. Finally lots  of bits and pieces, old fashioned (LPT) program cables, adapters and so on, and a Virtex 2+ PPC404 PCB. Some of these boards accept the Hirose expansion, some don't. I don't remember the name of the expansion boards, but they were standard parts until about 3 years ago. The stuff is in storage, which is why I can't remember the exact part nos and so on.
It's all been "properly" packed and stored, with anti static foam and bags, Mostly still in original Cartons. Most have the software CD's and diagrams that came with them. If I dig through my archives I can find a lot of the original sample designs and so on.  All used but I was a pro (now retired) so all in factory condition.

In my experience Xilinx are not an Evil company. All the old ISE tools are available for free download, and not crippled. If you want to use a Micro Blaze, then XPS wasn't free last time I looked, but I bet you'd find an older version with the aid of Madame Google. Data sheets and so on are easy to get.

Ideally I'd like these to go to an EE undergrad or a genuine hobbyist. Spartan 3 is still supported by Xilinx bur only just, it's about to all off the end of their supported devices list. Their are still long lifetime buyers, and Xilinx are currently talking EOL in 2023. LTB 2021.

These kits seem to sell on Ebay for about AU130. I don't want that much. If you prove you are either a genuine hobbyist or EE undergrad (not a somali clock builder) I'll do you a good deal.

Last time I posted something up on EEVBLOG I was flamed into ashes for a perfectly innocent  error. It left a bad taste in my mouth, let's see if this can be a pleasanter experience. If you are one of those smarty pants who wants to show you are better than me, please kick your dog instead.

Sorry, I don't have a clever tagline.  How about: FPGA and HDL are the only way a developer/hobbyist can really know what his designs are doing?

do you have something with a PCI interface?

Maybe you would like to add links to the kits you have? Or photos at least?

David Spicer:
That's a good idea. I'll dig them up and photo them. Thanks.
As for PCI, sorry no dice. I might have a Spartan 2 PCI flash and IO  board I designed some years back. I presume you mean PCI 32/33. You can do PCIe on Spartan3, but only the PIPE interface is supported. It's a nightmare. I wouldn't recomment it.

Also your location could help some people that might be interested to decide wether it's worth to think abot it considering shipping costs.


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