pcb-rnd 2.2.2 release


From the pcb-rnd mailing list.

"Hi all,

pcb-rnd 2.2.2 is available from the download page.

Project page: http://pcb-rnd.repo.hu

The next development cycle will be a short one again, focusing on some
cleanups and infrastructure for our external autorouter, route-rnd that
is going to replace the half-working internal autorouter.

Release notes for 2.2.2:

pcb-rnd 2.2.2

This version is mainly a feature release which extends I/O support and
the DRC. There are some smallish features and a lot of bugfixes, please
refer to the changelog for detauls.

Feature highlight:

1. BXL support: footprints available in the (binary) BXL format can be
   loaded, imported or used from the library (directy, or using any of
   the schematics import methods). A BXL file may contain multiple
   footprints; in the library such a BXL file shows up as a virtual
   subdirectory. When importing a BXL file name directly, if there are
   multiple footprints in it pcb-rnd will offer the choice which one to load.

2. query/drc_query: access a list of layers, network segments, net segment
   lengths, more geometrical and mathematical functions for more powerful
   DRC rules.

3. Save/load DRC rules: implemented native lihata format and tEDAx format.
   Importing a tEDAx netlist automatically loads DRC rules, allowing
   schematics to specify rules.

4. Dedicated GUI and network dialog upgrade for easier network length

5. Lihata board v7: new native file format version with more powerful text
   object support, new gfx object support and more.

6. Online help/support: minimalistic IRC client for direct real-time contact
   to the developers to reach out for yet passive users.

7. Alien format handling: upgrade text object load to a bounding box based
   algorithm to overcome text alignment and font difference problems

8. librnd (hidlib) separation: rename all public API symbols to start with
   rnd instead of pcb


Best regards,


Hi Igor2,
I updated my old SVN download,  pcb-rnd 2.2.2 compiled on Freebsd 11.1 without any issues, errors or warnings.

Fantastic job :)


I am not Igor2 but thanks


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