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(expensive, but) mnt pocket-reform (arm 7" mini-laptop)

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it's here  :o :o :o

Advertized as "MNT Pocket Reform
A newer, smaller, lighter, more-affordable, seven-inch mini Reform laptop that remains fully open source
A Perfectly Sized, Versatile, On-the-Go Platform

Often on the go? Whether you need to take notes at work or in the classroom, write your novel in a cafe, or journal on the bus, Pocket Reform’s super compact, ortholinear mechanical keyboard has you covered. It’s quite inconvenient to use a full-sized laptop while commuting on a crowded bus or train, yet getting work done on a phone can be nigh impossible. Pocket Reform is a handy in-between device for using your time in transit efficiently without taking up too much space or drawing too much attention.

Found on Reddit, full of rumors and comments.
At some point, I will need something to replace my old (2005) Japanese PDA, which is still locked to the Linux Kernel 2.6.24  :o :o :o

Is your old PDA a Zaurus? I have an SL-C3100 that I turn on now and then. I'm also keeping an eye on the Pocket-reform.


--- Quote from: djsb on May 09, 2023, 09:52:13 am ---Is your old PDA a Zaurus? I have an SL-C3100 that I turn on now and then

--- End quote ---

C1000, running Linux k2.6.24 and custom arm5-rootfs.
It's daily used with a usb-to-lan and serial adapter.

One year ago I made a Newton-like PDA, with a custom usb-defio 5" LCD, and a Allwinner Arm mobo.
Well, it's ... "usable", but you need to plug in an external keyboard.

Not a shell design but rather a monoblock design :o :o :o

But does it run ChatGPT?


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