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12V Accu Charger?


Lord of nothing:
Long story short I have a device who run with the common 12V and to run them even when the mains Power is down I looking for some HW who allow me to plug the "Device" into the 12V from my Power Supply and the charge an normal Accu and when there is a power out the run from the Accu.
Well like an UPS but just for 12V. I dont know where to look for that. Well the must should be "Industrial grade" like in a Case and safe to touch.

Rick Law:
12 V DC or AC?  Amp?

If you are doing DC, why not just use an car battery and car battery charger?  All those are off the shelf and you can find well made ones.  An all-in-one would be the portable car battery jumper/boosters.  They typically come with a charger, device plugs, is smaller (than a full size car battery) and more convenient.

Do add a fuse because car battery can pump out a lot of Amps.  When mistakes are made, the amount of Amps could cause some very unpleasant things.

Lord of nothing:
I guess DC.  :-[ Are the design to run 24/7 and when the Power work normal the pass them out the normal circuit?

How about something like this?
The USA site seems to have more information.

These are Uninterruptible Power Supplies with 12VDC output. The UPS replaces your existing power supply. When the AC mains power is lost, it will switch to the internal battery. In normal operation, it will power your device and charge the battery.

The output voltage range specification is approximately 10 to 14 volts so it is probably connecting your device directly to the sealed lead–acid battery during a power outage. Your device would need to tolerate the varying DC voltage.

Regulated 12V happens to match up with 3S lithium almost exactly. There are lithium batteries with 12V input and output designed just for that use. If you know what you're doing, it can be DIYed out of some 18650s and a 3S BMS.

See 15:57 for an example:


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