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3.5" 1.44MB external USB floppy drive for Windows 10

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--- Quote from: james_s on July 13, 2021, 10:57:43 pm ---Do modern desktop motherboards not have floppy interfaces? I don't remember whether mind does or not, it's about 6 years old though. Pretty sure Win10 will run just fine on quite a few systems old enough to have one though.

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They don't. I haven't seen a motherboard with floppy interface in over a decade. But you can always use a USB floppy drive.

Yea... I have an old IBM 1.44 Floppy Drive with a USB-1 connector. It works on 'everything'  :-+
Handy, if you come across an old floppy with some important data to rip off!!!

It's funny remembering the older computer magazines that came with a Free 1.44 disk on the cover. 
Often containing some 15 or 20 'useful' software applications, as WELL as booting with a nice HTML interface!!   8)


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