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3,5" former HDD Adapter to Multi SSD?

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Lord of nothing:
At Home? The N36L.  :phew:


--- Quote from: rdl on August 13, 2019, 06:14:52 pm ---Which old one did you have? The G7 Microservers only had 1/2 height PCI slots and the remote management card was extra cost. Other than being very ugly and very over-priced, I know little about the G8 series, but I don't remember it being too much different from the G7s. At first look the G10 doesn't seem too bad and I may have to check into it more when I get a chance.

--- End quote ---

The G10 seems a little disappointing. Crappy Marvell SATA controller, no iLO..

Lord of nothing:
Thats why I think about an Server Mainboard and put them into an "old" Case.

The original G7s (NxxL) make great home NAS boxes and were probably fine for their original intended purpose. If your only goal is to use 2.5" drives, I'm pretty sure HP had an adapter but it was almost certainly for a single drive only.


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