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Mouse to go with the Keyboard
« on: August 13, 2019, 12:11:06 pm »
Probably not the right kind of post for this subforum, but I would like some help (it's going to be long).

I've been into mechanical keyboards, but not the typical boutique keyboard (more on that later).

I always liked to pair my keyboards with a same brand/ design mouse, and this was my list:

Non Mechanical:

Microsoft Internet Keyboard + Microsoft Intellimouse Optical 1.1 - My first Keyboard and mouse Kit, when I bought my first PC. At that time I didn't know what was a mechanical keyboard. Great mouse, never think at that time that would be regarded even by today standards;

Logitech G15v1 (White LCD screen) + Logitech G5 - This was my first non generic keyboard and mouse, the one I used for most of my youth years into computing until the G5 died in 2010. Then in 2014 I made the update to my first mechanical keyboard;

Mechanical Keyboards:

Asus M801 + Asus Rog Gladius - The M801 was a TKL keyboard that were coming with the desktop ROG GR6. One of my friends bought that desktop and had Razer Mouse and Keyboard so it gave the Asus branded kit to me. Not a bad deck, with Kailh Red. The mouse was the same grip as the G5 so I kinda felt at home;

Steelseries M750TKL + Steelseries Rival 700 - Wanted to try something different in terms of design I bought this kit, with the Steelseries QX2 developed in partnership with Gateron. To me they feel as the regular Gateron Reds in a clear housing;

Logitech G Pro + Logitech G903 - This one was again to try something different into the mechanical switches, this time the Romer-G ones. The mouse was the first ambidextrous I had in a while, after I used a regular Dell Optical Mouse when the G5 died back into 2010. I like the kind of feeling of the Romer-G and the light integration in the switch, but I'm getting older and want something more classy that RGB things and aggressive lines. I still want to keep this one for the future.

I've also used in the recent times the MX Master at work plus have a MX Anywhere 2 paired with my Asus Zenbook. My wife is also a MK fan, she have a Filco and a Pok3r and I liked the 60% layout enough to wanted to try.

Now back to the topic: As shown before, I like to try new things but my age and fashion taste changed a lot with the years, so now I bite the bullet and bought a custom board (if you can call that). I'm waiting to receive the Kono Nighfox with Hako Clears and I want to pair a mouse with it, as I've done before. Also I have a Xbox One Controller, the Phantom Black edition and I love the scheme of the colour of it, so I searched and I have this mice as options:

- MX Master 2S Graphite;

- Microsoft Intellimouse Pro Dark Sand;

That were the most close to the colour of the keyboard and the controller. Any other suggestions? I don't write off trackballs or vertical mice, specially I want to know first hand experiences from the ones who use extensively alternative pointing devices other that the regular mouse.

Plus what kind of aftermarket keycaps (in case anyone here is also an MK heavy user) with the same design could go with this colour scheme?

Thank you for the time taken to read this wall of words and also thank you for your advices.

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